Servers are still wonky. I don’t know if anyone’s seeing this.

Salt Lake 8 (ANA - 2), Tacoma 1
This wasn’t fun at all. LHP Chris Seddon (3.65, L) let four runs score on seven hits (HR), a couple of walks, and four Ks. RHP Yusmeiro Petit (6.00) then let two runs score on two hits (HR), a walk, and four Ks. RHP Mumba Rivera (4.50) had the same totals, minus a walk and two Ks. That’s right, everyone gave up a home run.
3B Matt Tuiasosopo (HR, .348) had a home run and a walk. That'll show 'em.

West Tenn 4, Montgomery 6 (TB 0)
RHP Steven Hensley (2.59, E) pitched five and a third innings and gave up two runs on six hits and four walks against five Ks and gee I wish I knew where the devil his command went. LHP Edward Paredes (3.14) gave up two runs on a hit, a walk, and two Ks in the next inning, which is to say that RHP Aaron Jensen (4.54, L) scored two inherited runs and two more of his own on five hits in an inning and two-thirds.
LF Carlos Peguero (2B, 2 R, .299) and DH Scott Savastano (HR, 3 RBI, .325) both had two hits in the game. Savastano’s second double-A home run! 2B Dustin Ackley (2B, .249) and C Jose Yepez (2B, E, .333) both had doubles and CF Kuo-hui Lo (.239) had a single and a walk.

Inland Empire 3 (LA – 1), High Desert 4
Before the power was cut, RHP Andrew Carraway (5.03) gave up a run on three hits, a walk, and two Ks in three innings of work. Once the game was resumed, LHP Bobby LaFromboise (4.36, W) pitched four innings, with two runs scoring after seven hits (HR), a wild pitch, a walk, and three Ks. RHP Steven Richard (4.02, S) had a hit and a walk during his two-inning save.
DH Dennis Raben (R, RBI, .386) had two singles and a walk, 3B Kyle Seager (2B, 2 R, .303) and 2B Edilio Colina (R, RBI, .304) both had a hit and a walk and C Blake Ochoa (2B, RBI, PB, PO, .444) had a double.

Inland Empire 1 (LA – 2), High Desert 2 (seven innings)
I suppose we should have expected it given it was the second game of the DH, but LHP Athony Vasquez (1.88, PO, W) threw a “complete game”, giving up a run on six hits, a walk, and six Ks.
3B Kyle Seager (RBI, CS, .305) and DH Eddy Martinez-Esteve (RBI, .333) both had two hits, with Martinez-Esteve adding a walk. I think I’m just going to refer to him as EM-E the second time around because it’s a pain to type a second time. SS Juan Diaz (R, .295) walked twice.

Beloit 6 (MIN + 1), Clinton 1
LHP Jimmy Gilheeney (3.36, L) gave up five runs on five hits, a hit batter, and two walks against six Ks in four + innings. He faced five batters in the fifth without recording an out. LHP Jose Jimenez (2.30) inherited two and scored one with a hit and a K in the next two innings. RHP Ryan Moorer (0.00) had the same totals in one inning pitched. RHP Daniel Cooper (5.45) let the last run score on two hits, three wild pitches, and a K in the eighth inning, and then RHP Brandon Josselyn (3.54) walked one in the ninth.
C Brandon Bantz (.274), DH Hawkins Gebbers (.255) and CF Matt Cerione (RBI, .231) all had a hit and a walk. The rest of the offense had a hit and walk, total.

Yakima 9 (ARI – 4), Everett 5 (eleven innings)
I guess they couldn’t have kept winning forever. RHP Eric Thomas (4.50) pitched five innings and had three runs score on five hits, three walks, and three Ks. RHP Jorden Merry (5.40) took over next, and pitched an inning and a third, a run scoring after a hit, a couple of walks, and a K. RHP Fray Martinez (3.86) scored that run, and in turn, had a run score against him on a home run, though he did strike out two in an inning and two-thirds. That was the same span RHP Jonathan Arias (0.00) pitched, but being a former catcher and all, he wasn’t hitting the zone all the time, and had a hit, a wild pitch, three walks, and two Ks to his line. RHP Ogui Diaz (14.54) pitched just a third of an inning, but he faced four batters opening the eleventh, and had two hits, a wild pitch, and two walks, though one was intentional. All would come around to score as RHP Austin Hudson (2.84) had a hit and a walk in his inning of work. Hudson’s walk was also intentional. So, for those of you keeping track at home, that’s three former infielders who took the mound for the Sox today.
DH Kevin Rivers (R, RBI, .379), 1B Evan Sharpley (2B, 2 RBI, CS, E, .296), and SS Anthony Phillips (R, .238) all reached three times, Rivers and Phillips with a hit and two walks, Sharpley with two hits and a walk. Additionally, CF Dwight Britton (2B, R, .200) had two hits and 3B Kevin Mailloux (2B, R, RBI, .345) had a double.

Burlington 7 (KC- 2), Pulaski 8
This was a bit different. RHP Leonardo Rodriguez (3.60) gave up three runs (two earned) on three hits (HR), a hit batter, a walk, and five Ks in five frames of work. RHP Tim Griffin (9.00) followed him and let four runs (three earned) cross after four hits and two Ks in the next three innings. RHP Matthew Bischoff (0.00, W) pitched the ninth and got the win with the M’s rally.
So, how about that ninth inning? RF James Wood (3B, 2 R, RBI, 3-5, .545) tripled to center, and for reasons I couldn’t understand without further input, the Royals’ catcher was immediately ejected following that. Hoping to start something on defense, the pitcher intentionally walked both LF Jorge Agudelo (RBI, 1-3, 2 BB, .357) and DH Julio Morban (R, 1-3, 2 BB, .111), which meant that after Paquette struck out, all they needed was a DP to get out of it. Then C Larry Gonzalez (R, RBI, E, 2-5, .182) hit a single to center. Best laid plans and all. SS Jake Schlander (3B, R, 2 RBI, E, .214) also had a triple and a walk earlier in the game and 3B Ramon Morla (2B, .643) had another two hits and a walk.

AZL Brewers 8, Peoria Mariners 2
LHP Nate Reed (0.00) pitched the first three innings and gave up three hits and a walk while striking out four. After that, RHP Michael Aviles (18.00, E, L) came on for another three and these ones weren’t so good as he let eight runs (six earned_ plate after five hits, three walks, and four Ks. RHP Charles Kaalekahi (0.00) pitched two frames after that with two hits and two Ks to his line, despite the fact that his designated battery mate was not behind the plate. RHP Jandy Sena (0.00) allowed a hit and walked one in the ninth.
The guy behind the plate was C Ji-man Choi (.600), who added another three hits to his season totals and is off to a good start. 3B Jose Martinez (R, .300) also reached three times, with a hit and two walks in his case. 1B Jose Flores (HR, .455) and LF Robert Rodriguez (SB, CS, .250) both had two hits and SS Bryan Brito (2B, .143) doubled.

Aguirre Mariners 7, VSL Phillies 2
RHP Isliexel Gonzalez (3.22) pitched two frames and allowed two runs to score after five hits, a walk, and a K. RHP Angel Raga (3.90, W) pitched the next six and got his first win of the season along the way, allowing six hits, a wild pitch, and a walk against four Ks while recording ten grounders to two flies. Low walk totals are especially good in his case. RHP Ricardo Pereira (2.19) had a hit and a K in the ninth.
CF-LF Jesus Ugueto (2 2B, 2 HR, 3 R, 4 RBI, .293) had a 4-for-4 game, which included two home runs. I don’t think I’ve actually seen a better single game offensive performance ever in the VSL. 1B Ivan Ramirez (2B, 2 RBI, .346) added two hits, DH Felipe Burin (2 R, SB, .323) had a single and a walk, and RF Alexy Palma (2B, RBI, .305) and LF Reginald Lampe (2B, R, .241) both doubled.

Yamasa Mariners 5, DSL Cardinals 2
So the other Perez, LHP Henry Perez (0.47, W) got the start in this one. Guess how that went? Try eight innings, one hit, one walk, and nine Ks. RHP Augusto Marte (2.25) gave up two runs (one earned) on two hits and a K in the ninth.
For the offense, I don’t actually have anything. This is rare for a five-run victory, but no one had multiple hits, no one had an extra-base knock, no one walked.

Saturday’s Games:
Tacoma: TBA, at Sacramento, @ 7:05 pm PDT
West Tenn: RHP Dan Cortes, at Montgomery, @ 5:05 pm PDT
High Desert: RHP Jake Wild?, in Adelanto, @ 7:05 pm PDT
Clinton: LHP Nick Czyz, in Clinton, @ 5:05 pm PDT
Everett: RHP Chris Sorce, in Everett, @ 6:30 pm PDT
Pulaski: TBA, in Pulaski, @ 4:00 pm PDT
Peoria: TBA, in Peoria, @ 7:00 pm PDT
Aguirre: TBA, in Aguirre
Yamasa: TBA, at Cardinals

Organization Record:
Tacoma Rainiers: 40-35, .533, 1st in PCL Pacific Northern
West Tenn Diamond Jaxx: 2-2 (41-32), .500 (.562), 1 GB in SL North
High Desert Mavericks: 2-0 (39-33), 1.000 (.542), T-1st in CAL South
Clinton Lumberkings: 0-1 (37-33), .000 (.529), 1 GB in MWL Western
Everett Aquasox: 7-1, .875 1st in NWL West
Pulaski Mariners: 3-1, .750, 1 GB in APL East
Peoria Mariners: 2-2, .500, T-1st in AZL West
Aguirre Mariners: 19-12, .613, T-1st in VSL
Yamasa Mariners: 12-10, .545, 1 GB in DSL Santo Domingo North
Overall Record: 199-158 .557