Here’s a fun link. The West Tenn Diamond Jaxx will be sending seven men to the Southern League All-Star Game and oddly none of them are Dustin Ackley. They are, however, 1B Johan Limonta, SS Carlos Triunfel, 3B Alex Liddi, RF Carlos Peguero, RHP Steven Hensley, RHP Anthony Varvaro, and RHP Michael Pineda. Liddi, Peguero, and Pineda will all be absent from the game, the first two because of the Futures Game, Pineda because he’s in Tacoma.

Tacoma 5, Sacramento 3 (OAK + 2)
Going into the off day, LHP Luke French (2.39, W) picked up his ninth win after letting three runs score in seven innings on six hits, a walk, and four Ks. RHP Scott Patterson (2.35, S) allowed a hit and a walk and rung up three in the last two frames.
There were multiple things in the Rainiers’ lineup that I think are worth getting excited about. One was 2B Jack Hannahan (HR, 2 R, 2 RBI, .223) hitting his fourth home run, going 2-for-4 with a walk, and turning an unassisted double play. Another would be LF Matt Tuiasosopo (R, .373) going 3-for-5, and there was more still at the bottom of the lineup with CF Gregory Halman (2B, R, .234) getting a double and two walks and 3B Matt Mangini (2B, R, RBI, .306) having two hits and a walk. Less exciting was the 2-for-12 with runners in scoring position mark.

Tennessee 3 (CHC 0), West Tenn 4 (ten innings)
This was a tense one. In no small part because Austin Bibens-Dirkx was solid again, going six innings and giving up a run on three hits and two walks while ringing up seven. But enough about former pitchers. RHP Jarrett Grube (1.38) let a run score on five hits, a wild pitch, a hit batter, two walks, and four Ks in six frames of work. RHP Steve Palazzolo (4.91) got the next inning and a third and had three hits, two wild pitches, and two walks against a K to his line. LHP Edward Paredes (3.90) came in with the bases juiced and didn’t let anyone score, but was a victim himself of two runs on a hit and three walks, one of them intentional, in the next inning of work. RHP Aaron Jensen (4.54) took an inning after that, entering a similar situation and doing just as well as Paredes at holding the runners at bay, and then to wrap up the final two outs of the tenth, RHP Luis Munoz (3.75, L) walked three and struck out one. That’s a razor-thin margin, I’d say.
Considering all that drama, the end was a little anticlimactic, though certainly pleasing. 3B Alex Liddi (3B, R, 1-5, .276) tripled to center field, and after LF Carlos Peguero (1-4, BB, .292) walked and RF Johan Limonta (2 R, 2-4, BB, .294) struck out, DH Scott Savastano (R, RBI, 3-5, .333) singled to drive Liddi in. 2B Dustin Ackley (2B, CS, E, .258) also logged two hits and SS Carlos Triunfel (2B, RBI, E, .284) had a double. Ackley has ten more doubles than Triunfel.

High Desert 6, Rancho Cucamonga 5 (ANA - 2)
RHP Andrew Carraway (5.26, W) got his first win since the end of May, giving up five runs on seven hits (HR), a hit batter, a walk, and five Ks in five and a third innings of work. RHP Blake Nation (5.27) scored one of the runs on a hit, a wild pitch, a walk, and a K in an inning and two-thirds, and then RHP Steven Richard (3.78, S) allowed two hits in the final two innings.
2B-SS Kyle Seager (2 2B, 2 R, RBI, SB, E, .317) had a heck of a night, going 4-for-4 with a walk. He hasn’t done that in a while. LF Jake Shaffer (R, .307) collected three singles and a walk and C Blake Ochoa (2B, R, RBI, PB, .368) had two, plus a walk.

Kane County 1 (OAK - 1), Clinton 8
The Clinton pitchers gave the Cougars twelve hits to work with and they did surprisingly little with them. RHP Taylor Stanton (3.61) was accountable for the run and nine of those hits, along with a wild pitch, four walks and five Ks in five and two-thirds innings. LHP Brian Moran (1.34, W) pitched the next two innings and gave up a couple of runs while striking out three. RHP Brandon Josselyn (3.26) had a hit, a walk, and a K in the final inning and a third.
1B Tim Morris (2 2B, 3B, 2 R, 4 RBI, .309) had a fine night, leading the team with three hits. 2B Luis Nunez (R, SB, CS, .360) had two hits leading off, DH Wellington Dotel (RBI, .240) had two walks batting seventh, and between them, you had CF Daniel Carroll (2 R, 3 SB, 2 A, .278), 3B Vinnie Catricala (2 R, .286), and C Brandon Bantz (3B, R, 2 RBI, .262) had a hit and a walk apiece. The three outfield assists may have helped with the whole runs not scoring thing.

Everett 2, Spokane 6 (TEX - 5)
The Sox led 2-0 coming out of the second. The Indians didn’t even score until the fifth, and this was the result. LHP Anthony Fernandez (2.35) had a pretty good start though, giving up a single run on five hits and five Ks in five and a third innings. Of all the starters, I might be the most interested in what he does this season. RHP Austin Hudson (4.91, BS, L) lost control of the game as he scored the other five runs (two earned) on three hits, a walk, and a K in an inning of work, but to be fair, RHP Fray Martinez (2.84) scored a couple of those and had a hit and a couple of Ks in the last inning and two-thirds.
SS Anthony Phillips (2B, RBI, .226), the ninth guy in the order, gets to lead off here for getting two hits, which included the only one that went for extra bases for the Aquasox. 3B Kevin Mailloux (R, SB, .318) had two walks and LF Robbie Anston (.276) had a single and a walk.

Pulaski 0, Princeton 1 (TB - 2)
RHP George Mieses (3.00, L) gave up one run on five hits, a wild pitch, and a walk against four Ks in six innings pitched. Unfortunately, that was all the offense the Rays needed. RHP Tim Griffin (5.40, PO) struck out four in the last two innings.
I’m reaching for it. 2B Jorge Agudelo (SB, .300) had a hit and a stolen base. Impressive. Actually, I’m just baffled that the mighty Pulaski offense was made to look so feeble. But hey, Jarrett Burgess debuted today… That’s good, right?

AZL Padres 8, Peoria Mariners 2
RHP Dylan Unsworth (6.00, L) gave up four runs on seven hits, a wild pitch, and three Ks. This would be dangerous territory for a non-domestic pitcher back in the day, but these days I can just say he’s fine and is learning or something. RHP Charles Kaalekahi (6.75) let three more score in the next two innings on five hits and a walk. Again, he was without his designated catcher. RHP Jeroen de Haas (6.00) gave up a run on three hits and four Ks in the final two innings.
LF Ryan Royster (.000) showed up for a few rehab plate appearances and drew three walks. The average shouldn’t actually be .000 because he didn’t get an official at-bat, but I don’t know how to divide by zero. CF Alfredo Morales (R, .407) and 3B Jose Martinez (2B, RBI, .250) both had a hit and a walk.

VSL Rays 13, Aguirre Mariners 0
Does one boo a VSL game? This was pretty bad. The culprit this time, or at least one of the big ones was the highly erratic RHP Vicente Campos (3.94, L), who took his first loss after allowing seven runs to score on seven hits, a wild pitch, a balk, a hit batter, three walks, and three Ks, all in just two and two-thirds innings. RHP Maikol Guaipe (3.26) scored two of them and one more after five hits, a hit batter, and four Ks in three and a third innings. RHP Jesus Pirela (11.81) had five more score in the next inning and a third on two hits, two wild pitches, a hit batter, and five walks. LHP Oscar Bravo (3.38) was the only one to come out unscathed, pitching the last inning and two-thirds and allowing a hit and a walk.
The only positive was that 2B Pedro Okuda (.286), who’s finally up to playing full games, had two singles.

Yamasa Mariners 6, DSL Athletics 8
RHP Jochi Ogando (4.66) only got an inning in, giving up three runs after two hits, a wild pitch, and three walks. RHP Domingo Brazoban (9.95) let three more plate after five hits (HR), a wild pitch, and a walk against three Ks in the two and two-thirds innings that followed, and then RHP Junior Nunez (1.35) took it through the sixth, letting two runs score on two hits, a wild pitch, and three walks with one strikeout. RHP Gregorio Aquino (8.64) had a couple of hits and a wild pitch in the last two innings. Wild pitches for everyone!
DH Jordy Lara (HR, 3 RBI, .178) hit a two-run shot in the second inning and also walked at some point in the game. Always nice to see. SS-3B Luis Matias (2 R, .297) and 1B Westlonder Marcelino (RBI, .333) both had two hits and a walk. Marcelino is finally hitting like I want him to. More home runs couldn’t hurt, but the 5/5 K/BB is pretty nice.

Wednesday’s Games:
Tacoma: Off day
West Tenn: RHP Steven Hensley, in Jackson, @ 10:05 am PDT
High Desert: TBA, at Rancho Cucamonga, @ 7:05 pm PDT
Clinton: LHP Jimmy Gilheeney, in Clinton, @ 5:05 pm PDT
Everett: RHP Chris Sorce, at Spokane, @ 6:30 pm PDT
Pulaski: RHP Leonardo Rodriguez, at Princeton, @ 4:00 pm PDT
Peoria: TBA, in Peoria, @ 7:00 pm PDT
Aguirre: Off day
Yamasa: TBA, at Athletics

Organization Record:
Tacoma Rainiers: 41-38, .519, 1st in PCL Pacific Northern
West Tenn Diamond Jaxx: 4-4 (43-34), .500 (.558), 2.5 GB in SL North
High Desert Mavericks: 4-2 (41-35), .667 (.539), T-1st in CAL South
Clinton Lumberkings: 3-2 (40-34), .600 (.541), 1 GB in MWL Western
Everett Aquasox: 8-4, .667, 1st in NWL West
Pulaski Mariners: 5-3, .625, 1 GB in APL East
Peoria Mariners: 3-4, .429, 2 GB in AZL West
Aguirre Mariners: 22-14, .611, 0.5 GB in VSL
Yamasa Mariners: 14-13, .519, 0.5 GB in DSL Santo Domingo North
Overall Record: 216-178 .548