Tacoma 7, Reno 8 (ARI + 11)
RHP Erasmo Ramirez (4.68) had trouble following up with another good outing and let six runs score on eight hits, a hit batter, and three walks against seven Ks in five and two-thirds innings. LHP Cesar Jimenez (3.86, PO, L) finished the game and let two runs score on two hits, two walks, and four Ks.
RF Mike Wilson (R, .329), CF Michael Saunders (R, RBI, SB, .293), 1B Matt Tuiasosopo (2B, 3 RBI, .227), and 2B Sean Kazmar (2B, R, .255) all had two hits with Tui and Kazmar adding walks. C Chris Gimenez (HR, 2 R, .211), continuing the rehab thing, had a home run and a walk.

Tennessee 7 (CHC + 7), Jackson 4 (eleven innings)
Whoops. If you're wondering how RHP Yoervis Medina (5.68) would fare and whether or not the home runs would follow him, the answer is yes. Through six and a third innings, four runs on six hits (3 HR!!) and two walks against three Ks. Right. LHP Bobby LaFrombois (3.52) pitched the next inning and two-thirds without incident and RHP Stephen Penney (4.85) had a hit, a hit batter, three walks, and three Ks in the two innings after that. LHP Edward Paredes (4.65, L) gave up the lead, three runs on three hits, a walk, and two Ks in the eleventh.
LF Jake Shaffer (R, RBI, SB, .282), RF Johermyn Chavez (2 R, RBI, .219), and C Jesus Sucre (RBI, .228) all had two hits with Chavez and Sucre adding walks. Sucre's name in a box score seems to continue to catch me off-guard. SS Nick Franklin (2B, .542) and PH Scott Savastano (2B, .292) both doubled while CF Kuo-hui Lo (.242) had a single and a walk.

High Desert 2, San Jose 0 (SF + 6)
I'll just get this right out there: this was bullpen day. We pitched a shutout on BULLPEN DAY. LHP Jonathan Hesketh (8.63, PO) had three hits, a hit batter, and six Ks in four innings pitched and RHP Austin Hudson (5.62) followed up with four innings where he allowed four hits and struck out a pair. RHP Willy Kesler (3.55, S) saved it with a hit, a walk, and two Ks in the ninth.
LF Daniel Carroll (HR, SB, .290) had a couple of hits including his fourteenth dinger. In San Jose, dingers mean something. SS Leury Bonilla (2B, 2 E, .278) doubled, C Trevor Coleman (.263) had two walks, and 2B Shaver Hansen (R, .287) had a single and a walk.

Kane County 7 (KC + 10), Clinton 1
Since the Cougars lead the division, we're running a risk of losing ground here. LHP Roenis Elias (4.18, L) took his first loss as a Lumberking with five runs scoring on seven hits (2 HR), four walks, and eight Ks in five innings. RHP Matt Bischoff (3.90) had an unusually long outing with four innings pitched and two runs scoring on seven hits and five Ks.
2B Steven Romero (HR, .273) hit his sixteenth dinger and RF Kalian Sams (2B, .238) doubled. Miller also debuted at short and was 1-for-3.

Everett 9, Vancouver 13 (OAK - 7) (ten innings)
I've written about less painful games. LHP Bennett Whitmore (5.17) let five runs score on eight hits (2 HR!), a hit batter, a walk, and a K in four innings. The next four were split between RHP Brtan Leigh (4.76), who let a run score on a hit, two walks, a balk, and two Ks, and RHP Jeroen de Haas (8.50), who let two score on two hits, a walk, and two Ks and got two batters into the ninth. RHP Max Karkowiak (4.70) scored both of de Haas' runners and ended up with five of his own on four hits (HR), a wild pitch, two hit batters, a walk, and a K in an inning and two-thirds. With two outs in the tenth, he gave up a walk-off grand slam. Let's move on.
2B Marcus Littlewood (2B, 4 R, .241) had a double and four walks from the leadoff spot, which is certainly something. Batting behind him, CF Nathan Melendres (3B, 2 R, RBI, .289) had two hits and two walks. RF Mario Yepez (R, RBI, .327) added three hits and LF Jabari Blash (SB, 2 RBI, .283) had a couple of hits and a walk. That covers the one through four. 1B Jharmidy de Jesus (R, .316) had a single and a walk.

Pulaski 6, Bluefield 13 (TOR + 12)
Playing the Blue Jays in their own house seems scary. RHP Angel Raga (4.50, PO, L) pitched an inning and a third and let six runs score on six hits and a walk. Someone needed to sop up some of the innings, and that someone was LHP Jeremy Dobbs (7.54), who scored two of Raga's runs and seven (six earned) of his own on seven hits, three walks, and three Ks in two and two-thirds. Since he pitched into the fifth, RHP Benjamin Cornwell (3.72) scored three of those on two hits and four Ks in three innings of work. That's positive. RHP Bo Reeder (3.86) struck out one in the ninth.
The offense was nice, at least. RF Alfredo Morales (2 2B, 2 R, .264) had three hits in the game and that was good. 1B-SS Michael Acevedo (2B, 2 R, RBI, E, .295), C David Villasuso (2 RBI, .228), and 2B Dillon Hazlett (2B, 2 RBI, CS, .226) all had two hits apiece and LF Guillermo Pimentel (2B, R, RBI, .274) and 1B Jordy Lara (2B, .253) both doubled.

AZL Rangers 3, Peoria Mariners 4
Similar, but different. RHP Richard White (3.38) gave up a run on three hits, a wild pitch, and a hit batter in three innings while striking out seven. I'm so happy he's around. RHP Lars Huijer (5.40, E) had similar totals, minus the wild pitch and he only had four Ks. Still, probably his best outing, or one of them. RHP Brandon Plotz (5.84) let a run score on two hits, a hit batter, a walk, and two Ks in the next two innings and RHP Maxx Catapano (6.04) had a K in the ninth.
AZL offense…. eh, I'll recap it anyway. Two runs were needed in the ninth and two runs were had as Castillo singled, then Lawson singled. 1B Jose Martinez (2-3, .272) sacrificed them over and then C Travis Higgs (2B, 2 R, 1-3, BB, E, .311) was walked to set up a DP, but since that hasn't worked out so well lately, we had 3B-SS Roberto Velasquez (RBI, 2-3, .272) get plunked and a CF James Zamarripa (3 RBI, 2-5, .269) single.

DSL Athletics 3 (-22 ), Yamasa Mariners 4
This worked out for us. RHP Ivan Julio (2.80, W) had five innings pitched and let two score on seven hits, a hit batter, and two Ks. RHP Enrique Rosario (1.44) then pitched two innings and let an unearned run score on a couple of hits, a wild pitch, and three Ks in the next two innings and in the final two, RHP Domingo Brazoban (2.96, S) got his first save of the season and had a hit, a walk, and a K in the final two.
RF Gabriel Guerrero (R, CS, A, .236) had a single and three walks in the game, so he's already doing something his more famous uncle doesn't do. DH Randy Perez (R, .257) and 3B George Soto (R, SB, CS, .232) both had two walks with Perez adding a hit. LF Wilton Martinez (RBI, .170) had two hits and a walk and CF Janelfry Zorilla (2B, 2 RBI, .321) had a double.

Sunday's Games:
Tacoma: TBA, at Reno, @ 1:05 pm PDT
Jackson: RHP Andrew Carraway, at Mobile, @ 4:05 pm PDT
High Desert: RHP Jandy Sena?, at San Jose, @ 5:00 pm PDT
Clinton: RHP Carter Capps, in Clinton, @ 12:00 pm PDT
Everett: TBA, in Everett, @ 4:05 pm PDT
Pulaski: TBA, at Bluefield, @ 4:00 pm PDT
Peoria: TBA, at Cubs, @ 11:00 am PDT
Aguirre: Season over, tied for third place
Yamasa: Off day

Organization Record:
Tacoma Rainiers: 63-65, .492, 6.5 GB in PCL Pacific Northern
Jackson Generals: 23-32 (61-64), .418 (.488), 10.5 GB in SL North
High Desert Mavericks: 20-34 (52-72), .370 (.419), 10 GB in CAL South
Clinton Lumberkings: 29-25 (53-71), .537 (.427), 3 GB in MWL Western
Everett Aquasox: 16-8 (32-30), .667 (.516), 1st in NWL West
Pulaski Mariners: 26-32, .448, 9 GB in APL East
Peoria Mariners: 23-26, .469, 10 GB in AZL West
Aguirre Mariners: 38-34, .528, 2 GB in VSL
Yamasa Mariners: 45-24, .652, 1st in Santo Domingo Norte
Overall Record: 393-419, .484