Above .500!

Tacoma 12, Las Vegas 2 (TOR + 5)
Well, then. LHP Chris Seddon (4.89, W) had two runs score against him on six hits, three walks, and four Ks. RHP Scott Patterson (3.93) then had a K in the ninth. Hooray!
Not everyone had a hit, but all the starters reached safely. That's a thing. RF Mike Wilson (2B, HR, 2 R, 2 RBI, E, .347) reached the most with three hits and a walk. Save me the trouble and call him up. CF Ryan Langerhans (HR, 3 RBI, CS, .286) reached three times with two hits and a walk, though he also got himself eliminated on the basepaths, and DH Luis Antonio Jimenez (HR, 2 RBI, .270), 1B Matt Mangini (R, 2 RBI, E, .323), C Josh Bard (R, RBI, .301), and SS Sean Kazmar (R, .256) all had two hits. LF Matt Tuiasosopo (HR, 2 R,2 RBI, .240) had a dinger and a walk. That's four dingers total. Vegas didn't even get a double. Finally, 2B Kyle Seager (2B, R, .462) doubled because he's good at that.

Jackson 7, Montgomery 0 (TB - 1)
I have to say, I am a great fan of the shutout. RHP Jarrett Grube (3.11, PO, W) had five hits, two walks, and six Ks through six innings. RHP Josh Fields (2.35) when had a walk and a K in the next inning and two-thirds, and LHP Bobby LaFromboise (2.37) had the same in two-thirds of an inning. RHP Steve Delabar (1.80), who also pitched two-thirds of an inning, had a hit and a couple of walks, but managed to preserve the shutout somehow.
I have to say, I am also a great fan of scoring as many runs as you had hits. It demonstrates a kind of efficiency. DH Jake Shaffer (2 2B, 2 R, .309) and SS Nick Franklin (HR, 2 R, SB, .500) both had two hits, Franklin hitting his first home run at the level. Why, I feel more positive about him already! RF Johermyn Chavez (CS, .224) and C Ralph Henriquez (2B, 2 RBI, .206) both had a hit and a walk.

Visalia 4 (ARI - 1), High Desert 6
Right. As soon as I switch to TBA, LHP Jimmy Gillheeney (5.47, W) starts, and wins, going five and a third innings with four runs scoring on six hits, a wild pitch, and a walk against seven Ks. Two doubles allowed by Gillheeney, both to the same batter. RHP Daniel Cooper (4.33) had a hit, a wild pitch, and a walk over the next two and two-thirds, and then closer? RHP Stephen Pryor (9.61, S) had a couple of hits, a wild pitch, and two Ks in the ninth for his third save.
RF Daniel Carroll (2 R, RBI, 2 SB, CS, .284) had a hit and four walks from the leadoff spot. That's new-ish. He's stolen thirty+ bases now. A couple of batters reached three times, those being LF Vinnie Catricala (2B, R, E, .251) with a double and two walks and CF Denny Almonte (HR, 2 RBI, .265) with all hits. 2B Shaver Hansen (3B, 2 RBI, CS, .333) and 3B Mario Martinez (R, .302) both had two hits and 1B Dennis Raben (RBI, .327) and DH Jake Schlander (R, .224) each had a hit and a walk.

Burlington 5 (OAK 0), Clinton 1
BEEEEEEEESSS and RHP George Mieses (5.58, L) is not a very good pitcher at present. This outing, in relative terms, was far less bad than we've seen, as he had two unearned runs score against him on four hits, a wild pitch, a walk, and three Ks in five and a third innings. One might go so far as to call it good. RHP Jonathan Arias (4.72), however, was not as he allowed two to plate on three hits and a K in an inning and two-thirds and RHP Keli'I Zablan (3.24) added one more on three hits, a walk, and three Ks in the final two innings.
The offense was three-hit, so, I don't know, 3B Matt Browning (.230) for walking twice?

Eugene 5 (SD + 5), Everett 4
LHP Jordan Shipers (7.88, 2 E, L) took his second loss, with four runs (one earned) scoring on three hits, a couple of wild pitches, four walks, and seven Ks. Both errors were his. Yips, if you ask me. RHP Nolan Diaz (5.68) had a run score against him on a hit and two walks against two Ks in two and a third innings, and RHP Matt Bischoff (0.00) pitched the same span and struck out six of seven. Relievers seem to be doing that a lot lately.
The offense had two hits apiece from SS Marcus Littlewood (RBI, .219), 3B Danny Lopez (R, .355), C Michael Dowd (HR, 3 RBI, .300), and RF Mario Yepez (.333). They also got walks from all those guys except Littlewood, and hey, first pro home run for Dowd. CF Jarrett Burgess (2B, R, .273) doubled and DH James Wood (.310) walked twice.

Princeton 3 (TB + 1), Pulaski 6
Second verse, same as the first. The fifth spot in the rotation goes to the highly mysterious and oft injured RHP Jose Valdivia (0.00, W), who walked three and struck out five and nearly doubled his career IP totals in a single outing. It was his first win too. RHP Leonardo Rodriguez (4.50) had two runs score against him on four hits and three Ks in the next two innings, and RHP Angel Raga (0.00, S) had an unearned run score on two hits, a hit batter, and a K in the final two.
DH Kenny Straus (HR, 2 R, 3 RBI, .182) had a couple of hits, including his first pro home run, while batting ninth. CF Dillon Hazlett (.286), 3B Michael Acevedo (2B, R, .176), and 2B Dan Paolini (R, .429) all had a hit and a walk.

AZL Reds 5, Peoria Mariners 8
RHP Jochi Ogando (4.50) pitched four innings in his stateside debut and let three runs score on four hits, two wild pitches, a balk, six walks, and three Ks. RHP David Holman (0.00, W), of the pitching Holmen, got the win while allowing two unearned runs to score on three hits and two Ks in two innings. RHP Alex Sunderland (0.00) struck out the side in the seventh, RHP Joshua Corrales (0.00) had a hit and a walk in the eighth, and RHP Benjamin Cornwell (0.00, S) got the save in the ninth after allowing two hits.
The M's got two hits apiece from the top three of 2B Yidid Batista (2 R, RBI, .368), CF Michael McGee (3B, R, 3 RBI, .556), and RF Alfredo Morales (2B , RBI, SB, .409), and a double from 3B Jose Martinez (2B, R, SB, 2 E, .143), and a hit and a walk from SS Esteilon Peguero (2B, R, RBI, SB, E, .211) and DH Charles Jimenez (R, SB, .333).

Aguirre Mariners 13, VSL Tigers 2 (- 10)
Smashy smashy. RHP Isliexel Gonzalez (1.35, E, W) allowed two unearned runs on nine hits and three Ks in seven innings. Izzy Gonzo is doing all right, but he could stand to be striking out more and allowing fewer hits. RHP Eduardo Miliani (3.78) had two Ks in the last two innings.
LF Reginald Lampe (2 R, RBI, 2 SB, .298), SS Ramon Coronel (3B, 3 R, 3 RBI, E, .325), and 1B Jose Kalbakgi (2 2B, 2 R, RBI, .250) all had three hits with Lampe adding a walk. DH Pedro Okuda (R, CS, .226) had a single and a walk. Burin dropped below .400, probably because he's so upset.

DSL Athletics 4 (- 10), Yamasa Mariners 5 (eleven innings)
RHP Junior Nunez (4.91) had the longest outing of the day at three and two-thirds innings, with an unearned run scoring on five hits, two walks, and five Ks. RHP Leoncio Munoz (5.23) and RHP Ramire Cleto (1.46) both pitched two and a third innings, Munoz letting a run score on a couple of hits and a K, Cleto letting an unearned run score on four hits and a K, and then RHP Oliver Garcia (2.19, W) got the win with an unearned run scoring on a hit, four walks, and three Ks. DSL BASEBALL.
The M's required two runs in the eleventh, seeing as how the A's already got one. PH-3B George Soto (R, 2-2. .288) singled and then was sacrificed over, setting up a popout. Yay. Then SS Ketel Marte (3B, R, RBI, 2-5, BB, .287) tripled and ended up scoring on a wild pitch. Non-sarcastic yay. 1B Luis Matias (R, .255) and RF Gabriel Guerreto (R, 2 RBI, .267) both had two hits as well, LF Randy Perez (Cs, .360) walked twice, and C Miguel Sanchez (RBI, SB, PB, .304) had a single and a walk.

Sunday's Games:
Tacoma: RHP Charlie Haeger, at Las Vegas, @ 12:05 pm PDT
Jackson: RHP Andrew Carraway, at Montgomery, @ 4:05 pm PDT
High Desert: TBA, in Adlenato, @ 5:05 pm PDT
Clinton: TBA, in Clinton, @ 12:00 pm PDT
Everett: LHP Bennett Whitmore, in Everett!, @ 1:05 pm PDT
Pulaski: RHP Ambioris Hidalgo, in Pulaski, @ 4:00 pm PDT
Peoria: TBA, at D'Backs, @ 7:00 pm PDT
Aguirre: Off day
Yamasa: Off day

Organization Record:
Tacoma Rainiers: 36-41, .468, 9 GB in PCL Pacific Northern
Jackson Generals: 2-1 (40-33), .667 (.548), T-1st in SL North
High Desert Mavericks: 2-1 (34-39), .667 (.466), 1 GB in CAL South
Clinton Lumberkings: 1-1 (25-47), .500 (.347), 1 GB in MWL Western
Everett Aquasox: 3-6, .333, 4 GB in NWL West
Pulaski Mariners: 5-0, 1.000, 1st in APL East
Peoria Mariners: 2-3, .400, 2 GB in AZL West
Aguirre Mariners: 24-12, .667, 1st in VSL
Yamasa Mariners: 18-5, .783, 1st in Santo Domingo Norte
Overall Record: 187-186, .501